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Hoo is short for Hinterland! It is a strange spot on the Internet that exists but is rarely "stumbled across" and is noticed and explored last; after browsing through the thousands of websites that are visible and well known! It's a third wheel club for other outcasts besides Carol Anne Starr herself.... Blacksheeps come to hoo hinterland to be together and connect with their own kind
"Where is hoo hinterland?"

"Go ask Carol Anne Starr where it is! She can tell you... She's the creator of hoo hinterland!!!"
by Bethany Blues July 5, 2020
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A bright and shiny nickname for the last name Starr is StarLight
My last name is Starr like the popular ventor Carol Anne Starr, but you can call me StarLight for short....
by Bethany Blues July 5, 2020
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A black female who is from the countryside or one who acts country and talks country!
"You're so country! Are you white?"

"No I'm black."

"Oh nice! A Blackbelle Blackbell... I met a few within my travels and I also remember this woman named Carol Anne Starr!"
by Bethany Blues July 5, 2020
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