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Hinterland is probably German, because it is. It basically means as rural as you can get within range of a city. The phrase can also apply to any area in the stix, or way far out dude.
Jonas: Where does Steve live again? I always see him taking the 116 bus home.

Alistair: He lives way out in the English hinterland, up by Hemingstone. How the fuck did he get here?

Jonas: Probably banged a lot of important people.

Alistair: Yup.
by 14caratfacialexpression July 28, 2014

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It's a phone; normally used as a plastic explosive in the middle east but now used to neutralise Spongebob Squarepants. It can be bought from any nearby Happy Shopper, and is available for the price of £7,000,000.
Person 1 : Oh dude, I should really pick up a Kingphone!

Person 2 : No you really shou- OH FUCK IT EXPLOD-ED

by 14caratfacialexpression July 13, 2011

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Verb - Used to express a fail, normally assasiated with something hard to get wrong. You will be forgiven, after you are kicked in the, er, gentleman's quarters.

Bodging up is generally considered to NOT be done by a buddha.
Keith: Oh now what is that weasel doing in the pool?

George: It looks like I've BODGED IT UP again!
by 14caratfacialexpression July 19, 2011

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