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Pronounced Chiz-olm or Chiz-um, depending on how fast you're speaking.

An awesome, badass last name of Scottish decent. Often misspelled or mispronounced Chris-holm during roll call in class, which often makes the recipient want to yell at whomever misread it.

Chisholm's are not meant to be fucked with, as they will kick your ass in the blink of a Chuck Norris. They are very loyal, trustworthy and some of the best people you will meet in your life, and will always be there for you.

Can be used as a nickname for someone having the last name Chisholm, and is a person everyone respects to a very high degree.
Dude, don't mess with Chisholm; he'll kick your ass.

Chisholm? Oh yeah, he's one of the coolest guys I've ever met.

The Chisholms are some of the nicest people I've ever met! Such a great family!

by Vilhem Wallace March 04, 2009
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A small rural town in northern Minnesota, consists mainly of hicks and old people. Everyone is friendly, because everyone is drunk. Has more churches then it knows what to do with, especially since no one is religious. Very bad school district
I only go to Chisholm to drink and party.
by seriously, i'm awesome November 09, 2010
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A rural area outside the city North Bay, in northern Ontario, Canada. People who are from Chisholm are often insulted by those who know they are inferior (which is everyone). 'Chisholm Kids' as they are known, are known to be hardcore wheelers, awesome rappers, the guys can rock sick fohawks, and the shawty's can be very attractive. Chisholm guys are all real buff and can own in gang fights.
Chisholm Kids can outrap, out ball, and out beast you! cuz we be from Chisholm.
by Hotshot BIG WHEEL May 06, 2011
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The type of guy who edits his own Urban Dictionary definition to make himself seem cool to a bunch of freshman...
"Hey Elliott, go look me up on urban dictionary. Go ahead, do." - A real Chisholm
via giphy
by Private Joe Snuffy September 05, 2016
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referring to a horse that is mad. comes from herring cove junior high originally.
she got like chisholm
by carl March 07, 2005
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a chisholm is a person who gets overly excited when other people are re-telling life stories
when said person is about to do a "chisholm" he will get a look in his eyes of pure excitedness
man 1 "so this one time i remember saving the queens life in the middle of the afghan desert"

man 2 "oh god here he goes again he is doin a "chisholm" again"
man 3 "for fuck sake not again last week he was in the s.a.s"
by b-stab October 07, 2011
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