Short for the amazing city of Chicago
I'm heading to the Chi this weekend to party and shop.

Going to the Chi-tizzle to get bizzle..
by j.mags May 13, 2008
a sound of disapproval made by sub-continental (indian, sri lankan etc) people... mainly women.
chi chi chi, what is all this silly nonsense?
by N- dawg August 17, 2006
A Mexican term/slang name for breasts.
Cabron: eyy look at the chi chis on that mamacita mang
by Mista_Convery April 27, 2009
Jail food made from commissary items. Usually consisting of ramin noodles, summer sausage and cheese curls. The more you put into it the better it tastes. Also can be called a chi.
Ima get my commissary tonite and make a bad ass chi chi.
by nicci codone February 19, 2014
the spanish term meaning breasts boobs hooters or whatever ya call it. its also a mexican restaurant that has great fried ice cream!
hey that chick has great chi-chis
by gayloser August 9, 2004
A ghetto jail house meal. Commonly made out of ramen, sausage, cheese, and anything that tastes good
Me and my celly made the top chi-chi on the cell block
by Chase blackshire December 17, 2020