Funny, jokes, weird ect..
Louise: Omg, did you see the way i just staled in my car !

Corrie: Haa , your such a higgy !
Louise: o.O thanks..
by corrie May 04, 2012
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When a man shows tendincies to being gay but likely isn't. However they enjoy painting their nails and holding cigarretes as a gay person would.
"He's not all Man, He's a Higgy"
by WellDynamics Inc July 12, 2005
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1) (Noun)A fat man who is a failure at life.

2) (Adjective)Often used to describe a drug addict or a jiggy.
3) (Adjective) To describe a failure at life or an immensely dense and stupid person.
4) (Adjective) Descriptions of a persons ugliness and mental state, often in a joking manner.
Carl : do you think that guy who binges on crack finally managed to get a job.
Tim : No way dude. That fat piece of shit higgy will remain unemployed for the rest of his life.
Carl : Ha Ha Ha
by jam cracker May 31, 2018
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