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1. involuntary spasms of your diaphram
2. the most annoying torture that was made up
Damn, I swallowed and air bubble, now i have the hiccups
by Barry Pham June 04, 2006
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Hiccup is a badass dragon rider, a frickin hottie and is usually
a guy. Gets noticed by all the ladies and tames dragons like
its an everyday thing.
A: Who's that hottie?
B: I bet it's a Hiccup!
by AJollyKidl January 04, 2015
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A terrible, yet temporary disease in which you feel your soul tries to escape your body every 2-30 seconds. In some cases, people get highly frustrated, and even sometimes wish they were dead.

Known causes are: Caffinated drinks, and large amounts of laughter.

Although hiccups are not contagious, they are very common. Please be careful.
John: *hiccup*
Sara: Aw man! You caught the hiccups'
John: da-*hiccup*-ng. These are bad!
Sara: I'm sorry!
by Jdude May 20, 2013
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a term used to soften the blow of bad news.
hugh--(on the phone with a customer) Hello!! Is Milenkovitch there??
milenkovitch--(on the other end of the phone) yes this is milenkovitch
hugh-- yes we seem to have run into a "hiccup" in regards to your bike being repaired. It seems as though your chain is broken an I will need to replace it with something fancy, this will raise the price of the repair to $200. is this going to be ok
milenkovitch-- yeah sure, you are so cool being a bike fixer, no problem.
by milenkovitch May 11, 2009
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When the diaphram goes FLIP FLOP!!!! And a quite hilarious noise comes out. It sounds like somebody saying HICCUHHH but you know they dont really sound out the P. Hiccups can make people roll on the floor laughing.
Ally McBeal had the hiccups because she was eating too many pretzels, so for them to go away Blake Griffin told her to drink water. But thats didnt work so then Blake tried to scare them away.
by hiccuperally May 31, 2010
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