british, the act of throwing buds of plants at windows of peoples homes just for kicks. Plant buds favoured because stones/rocks smash and eggs splat, allows one to be a little bugger whilst not being a complete shit. Plus, plant buds are to hand when roaming the street with ones friends. Repeated visits to the same house cause maximum annoyance, often resulting in getting chased by the homeowner!!!
"shall we go budding?" "most def, grab that plant bud and throw it at mrs smith, pain in the arse she is!!"
by mozza8008 December 26, 2006
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Drinking beer (Bud Lights) and smoking Marijuana to get crossfaded
Nathan: What are you bringing to the party?
Ryan: Prolly Buds and Bud we finna get crossed
by @iBurtlez May 4, 2019
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"Bud bud" is the sound Indians (brown ones not red ones) make when they talk. My mate reckons they also say "ding ding" afterwards, but I don't see it.
"Bud bud"
by MGibson May 24, 2009
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a person with whom one shares portable music player headphones with.
While walking in the hallway, Katie and her bud-bud were reprimanded by their teacher for accidently knocking freshmen students over with their headphone wires.
by NoraBrophy October 18, 2006
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Anyone of Middle Eastern, Indian/Pakistani origin. Generally refers to those who are arrogant and are a disgrace to their religion and native country (Terrorists, Extremists, Corner Shop owners who charge the earth for everything).
-I need some cigarettes
-Oh, the Bud Bud shop is open, go there.

-I'm going to play Call of Duty 4 and shoot some Bud Buds (refering to the Terrorists in the game, or "OpFor").
by FCMP January 13, 2009
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a slang term that refers to The Marijuanas.
"Yo dude, that bud was fucking fire. I am zooted, bro."
"Fuck carts, bud is the way to go."
"I've had a terrible day. I need some bud."
by havinagoodtime February 13, 2019
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Everyones friend
by Nick March 19, 2003
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