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39 definitions by mrperson123

Shitey city up north. Full of arrogant twats, chavs, and two faced arseholes. It's extremely dull too, all they've got is a mediocre shopping centre and a football museum. You're far better off going to the vastly superior Liverpool. Despite how shit it is, Mancurians make out it's far better than Liverpool and London. The reason they hate on London and Liverpool so much is because they know how inferior it is so try to bring down their betters, just like a school bully.
Adam:Fuck London man, it's evil! Manchester is clearly the best city!
Brent: Lol you're joking right? Manchesters full of cunts like you! It's gotta be one of the crappest cities I've been too. You're only hating on London coz you know Manchesters a massive shithole!
Adam: That's not true! Manchester's better! You're just jelaous!
Brent: Yeah you keep telling yourself that lol. And anyway, if that's so true why did you move to London?
Adam: Shut up! I'm out of here!
by mrperson123 January 24, 2019
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To do a really fake over the top laugh, usually sarcastic or to mock someone's unfunny humour. Named after the infamous laugh done by Tidus in Final Fantasy X
Bad comedian: Why'd the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!
Person: AH HA HA HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Person:If you couldn't tell that was a Tidus laugh! Your jokes suck!"
by mrperson123 November 2, 2017
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A really gross drink from Starbucks that is also really popular for some reason. It's got tea, coffee, black pepper and cinnamon. How anyone thought that was a good mix is beyond me.
Bob: Hi I'd like to try a chai latte please
Barista: Sure coming up!

*Bob takes a sip*
Bob: Ugh! That's disgusting! People actually pay money for this!? How is this even popular!?
by mrperson123 August 31, 2017
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When you're alone on Valentines Day so you basically spend the day fapping to Porn.

Happy Fapentines Day!
Scenario 1
Marko: So Bryan you got any plans for Valentines Day?
Bryan: It's another Fapentines Day for me Bro. Jen text dumped 5 days ago. So my plans are being holed up in my room and fapping away.

Scenario 2
Anne: Hey Alice you manage to find a date for Valentines?

Alice: Sadly no, It's Fapentines Day for me. I've already bought my lube and charged up my vibrator. Gonna scrounge porn hub later.
by mrperson123 February 14, 2020
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When your bestie is only really your bestie due to lack of other friends. So they're only your bestie by default. They tend to drive you nuts and make you often question why you're even friends with them. Is often an old school friend or childhood friend and you're only really still friends with them due to knowing them so long as well as not having many friends. They tend not be a great friend or even a good friend really. Chances are if you met a better friend you'd drop your default bestie like a sack of shit.
Tom"UghI fucking hate Matt! He drives me mad!"

Mum" isn't he your best friend?"

Tom"Honestly he's a default bestie. Only reason I'm still friends with him is because I've got no one else"
by mrperson123 October 10, 2017
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Mother: Alex where you been for the past half an hour!
Alex: Sorry I was just taking a dench shit
by mrperson123 August 25, 2017
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