Used when telling someone to calm down. Usually when they are over-reacting.
Chia: My god these fake gucci bags look too fake!! I won't be able to sell these for full price.
Jay: It's not that serious.
by Domexicano March 17, 2005
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"Things are gettin' serious up in here."

"I made some serious cash last night."
by **** you March 19, 2003
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it’s like bro are you serious ? a mix of for real and serious 🤔
“she literally just told me it happened biatch

and i go “are you for serious?”
by cxforseriouscx June 1, 2019
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A phrase used to declare the serious nature of the statement that the phrase preceeds.
1: I have aids.
2: HAHA! That's funny man!
1: No, on the serious, I have aids.
2: Oh. I hear the only cure is death. On the serious of course.
by SaintZi January 23, 2011
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Not comical.
The guy would make a joke every now and then, but was mostly serious by nature. He thought of comedy as something the less serious and more silly folks enjoyed a bit more.
by Solid Mantis June 21, 2018
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(1) adv - "seriously?", expressing doubt/surprise or asking for confirmation
(2) exclamation/statement issuing confirmation
(3) agreement
(1) yo girl is preggers with triplets?! for serious?!
(2) for serious, that chick wants my ass!
(3) "that teacher is dumb ass hell."
"for serious, man."
by je adore dior March 9, 2003
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a combination of the phrases "for real" and "seriously", "for serious" can express agreement when used as an exclamation, it can also be phrased as a question.
Example 1:
person A: "Hey, I got a new cell phone today"
person B: "For serious?"
Example 2:
person A: "That girl is such a ditz"
person B: "for serious!"
by Jon Pan September 10, 2005
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