Hibermating (verb) (i.e. cuffing) Being involved in a relationship, usually lasting between one to three months during the Winter -when the nights are the longest, and the bed sheets are the coldest.

Hibermating can usually be recognized by...

- the copious amounts of takeout

containers that it leaves in its wake...

- blurry eyes as a result from Netflix

binging ...

- a per capita uptick in spooning

behavior that is located within a

specific geography area such as the

Northern Hemisphere, the Eastern

Seaboard, or the third floor of City

Liquidators, to name a few.
We spent January and February happily hibermating and never left the house.
by Owen McKash January 17, 2018
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Adj. When two people start dating, but you never see them anymore because they just have sex all the time.
Person 1: "hey have you seen Pete lately"

Person 2: "nah, not since he got with sally, they've just been hibermating all the time"
by heapsmissage_90 December 02, 2010
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what teenagers want to do to with their peers when they get away from their parents. a combination of the words hibernating and exploratory mating
Where are the kids?
by wellrounded March 30, 2010
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