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The Knock on Wood Card is a wooden card that's perfect to knock on if you don't have any other wood around.
Ian "I've never gotten a speeding ticket. Knock on Wood...wait there's no wood around!"
Jed "Oh yes there is, check out The Knock on Wood Card!"
Ian "That's dope, thanks Jed!"
by icwish October 11, 2009
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When you freak out by lights being left on after seeing last months power bill.
Angela was totally powernoid after getting $3000 power bill.
by icwish January 6, 2022
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When you take a selfie of your balding head by perfectly positioning the camera above to see the ever growing scalp.
To effectively monitor his hair loss, Ian takes a Scalpie every morning after getting out of the shower.
by icwish March 7, 2015
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Food people eat really late at night. Usually unhealthy and very forgettable.
I'm so drunk and starving! I need a Late Night Bite!
by icwish July 5, 2009
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Using keys to symbolize physical activities
Digi5 and Digi# are perfect examples of Telexpressions
by icwish July 13, 2009
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Hitting the # key on the phone as a means of giving a "person to person" fist pound.
"That's hysterical! Digi#"
by icwish June 29, 2009
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