amys homefry. cracks mean jokes on others to make me happy. carrot top.. hahahaahahahah
by aimee February 17, 2004
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Mormon freak. Hairy as all get out. Has a brown thing hanging out his ass (oh wait that's Slowsay). Yearns for C1. Worthless and unrespected manager. Screeches like a woman and bangs on cubes. Right-wing whacko.
Hermie banged on Slowsay's cube and screeched, "Hey, what's up, man, how 'bout them Rangers. Gay people are evil."
by Ophi April 20, 2005
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Phrase used to discourage or ward off trolling or to otherwise notify potential trolls that their comments will be ignored.
Post: "Camped out at Walmart overnight so I can be the first to buy the new Kanye West album! No Hermie!"
by BliggityBlam April 20, 2015
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Hermy is an unusual name, not used by many. However all Hermys are beautiful, kind and caring Filipino women. They are mildly quiet until you get to know them, where they are very funny and are the best of company.
Hey look there's Hermy.
by ALEX1234qwerty February 11, 2019
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