Hermy is an unusual name, not used by many. However all Hermys are beautiful, kind and caring Filipino women. They are mildly quiet until you get to know them, where they are very funny and are the best of company.
Hey look there's Hermy.
by ALEX1234qwerty February 11, 2019
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Although Ciara is a Hermy, she's still a sexy hip hop chick
by JorgeyPorgieBoy May 25, 2005
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A boy by the name of Eric who has both male and female genetalia.
Geez, that hermy kid, Eric, really needs to stop using his high pitched voice.
by Meagan The Great November 29, 2009
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Phrase used to discourage or ward off trolling or to otherwise notify potential trolls that their comments will be ignored.
Post: "Camped out at Walmart overnight so I can be the first to buy the new Kanye West album! No Hermie!"
by BliggityBlam April 20, 2015
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1. A phrase to use in all situations where "That's what she said" and "No Homo" should be used.

2. Phrase \created to use in lieu of "That's what she said" and "No Homo" as these phrases have been overused.

3. Phrase used after one inadvertently says something that sounds gay.

4. A phrase, added to the front of another, innocent sounding statement, that creates a funny and often obscene joke
Her: "Would you like to stay the night and park your car in my garage?" Him: "No Hermie"
Her: "Are you in?" Her: "No Hermie!"
Him to one of his boys: "Would you like some of my banana? No Hermie"
by BlazinBlaze March 5, 2011
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you have a pussy and a penis so your a hermie
by flcljuggalo April 14, 2004
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A being who has BOTH sex organs.
by Jade November 10, 2003
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