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(Noun, Adjective)
(1) A person of ancient Nubia; pertaining to ancient Nubia;
(2) An African or dark-skinned person; of (Sub-Saharan) African descent, or generally referring to a person with dark skin. A somewhat euphemistic or poetic way or referring to black and brown people.
"I only like black girls, the brown girls, the café au lait.
Oh, caramel girls and mocha girls just blow me away.
If you're a Nubian,
I want you to be in
Every fantasy,
But if you're a whitey,
Say nighty-nighty,
You're just not the girl for me."
-- Steven Lynch
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by Monticello-W October 20, 2016
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A formerly heterosexual woman who is now in a lesbian relationship. The opposite of a hasbian.
The groom was surprised and intruiged when he discovered that his fiance had run away with her maid of honor and decided she was a nubian.
by ZenMaster August 29, 2006
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Someone who is constantly under stress and doesn't receive updates from Their UNI even though they love them

It's also a person who's stressed 24 h in 7Days, due to the shitton of shit, work and assignments that needs to be done.
-Who is he and why does he crying and looking like that ?
=He's an NUBian , he's going through a lot , leave him alone.

-Why does sara look so depressed ?
=She's an NUBian
by I Put Shit June 09, 2020
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