Means "The ruler of Ramuh" or "The perfect man" in ancient Sanskrit.
Amy: That guy I went out with last night was perfect!
Jennifer: Was his name Ramesh?
Amy: Yeah!
by archana1234 June 22, 2009
A person or in some exceptional cases an animal that drinks copious amounts of alcohol despite their body not having the physical capacity to take it.
Someone who is performing a "ramesh" can be spotted by the following:

A) an early peak in the nights antics before a sharp and sudden downturn.

B) in certain scenarios somebody performing a "ramesh" won't even make it on a night out.
"Wow there Charles, you better calm down, we don't want you doing another ramesh on us again".

"Is Suzanne not getting cabs with us?"
"No she started drinking early and now is doing a ramesh on us".
by BadmanRJC April 10, 2011
A man who looks like he stays from Phoenix, he most probably wear glasses. He comes to your house early in the fucking morning to talk to you about insurance, he also eats all your favorite biscuits that bastard
That guy who made me devorce my wife is named Ramesh
by Love4asoka July 2, 2019
There was a Ramesh of cats running through the alley.
by Shockingly accurate June 3, 2019
A player, does not stick to one girl
Claims he is “loyal”
Girl: “Am i the only one you talk to?”
Ramesh: “for sure
*has 1193828 girls
by Geotar November 23, 2021
Rohini is an amazing, awesome, good, kind, person. Laughs at your mom jokes. Also an unbelievable fiend for melons, and pretty bad at computer science. Also don’t mention her height...
Ugh it’s that girl that needs help with her hw again. It’s Rohini Ramesh
by Russquad February 9, 2021
He is a special type of dog rendering in the towns of kerala. He is handsome and loud and has handsome human friends...he also has a symbiotic relationship with mamsapindam a special sort of animal that has the ability to transfer the color of his sperms to red...
Wow that's a Kp ramesh roaming in the town
by Louise100020 October 26, 2020