Adele is one of the most loyal people you have ever met. She will laugh with you, and always be there for you. You can rely on Adele, and she won't let you down. She has a big heart, and she is beautiful inside and out, even if she doesn't believe it. You will always want Adele to be your best friend.
Person 1 "Adele is my best friend!"

person 2 "lucky!"
by Bestfriendsforever<3love November 5, 2019
To open communication with someone out of the blue, usually with a phone call, and usually an ex. This is sometimes associated with feelings of guilt or curiosity.
Friend: "I've been thinking a lot about Mike lately, do you think I should text him?"
Me: "No girl, you don't need to a Adele him, it's been 2 years!"
by haveanicetripseeyounexttuesday November 4, 2015
Adele's are the bestest friends in the WORLD!!!

They usually have light brown hair and brown eyes. They are always weird and love to laugh. They are fit and are into dance and they are the prettiest little person in the world!

They also have a strange addiction to penguins...?

They always understand your love of musicals and memes and are extremely fashionable.

They are hunk magnets (he he just kidding...) Nah they have a great taste in guys and can sniff out if your bf or gf is a keeper.

But they are always there to support you!

If you know an Adele make sure you love them like a baby cat and make sure you make as many inside jokes as possible!!

Luv ya penguin ^-^
Girl 1: Ugh that must be an Adele they are so cool...
Girl 2: Omg she is so cute!
Guy 1: Damnnnnn that Adele is smokin' hawt!!!
Guy 2: Yeaaaaaaa BOI!
Penguin 1: I found my mother! *tears of joy*
by That_lil'_child~ August 15, 2017
A literal queen, she is beautiful but won’t admit it. She’s thick as hell. People with an Adele in their lives are the luckiest humans on the planet. Adele loves the color yellow. Sometimes she makes up words for fun. They are a little crazy but pretty chill at the same time. She has the most beautiful thick hair that everyone is jealous of. Adele is a goddess.
Example: Oh my gosh there is Adele in her beautiful long yellow dress and her long flowing hair
by Remlenyana March 2, 2019
Adele's are the best kind of chicks. They are funny and bubbly and very social. They are strange and weird but in a very lovable way. Adele's are very pretty and mysteriously sexy which is odd given there humour. Adele's are very smart and are of high intelligence. They are very very very lovable and although people don't admit it they LOVE Her! She can be a little mean sometimes without meaning to be. It is very hard for someone not to feel any affection to Adele's. Adele's are often accosiated with word like, cute, funny, mischievous, gorgeous, sexy, silly.
She is so Adele. I don't know how anyone couldn't love her.
by user#ec011ege June 21, 2017
Referring to the pop star Adele; a female who can't get over her ex or some other guy who has rejected her well past the point of it making sense anymore.
Person 1: Why is she still crying over him? They broke up four years ago and he has a family now..

Person 2: I know! What an Adele!
by xXhatersgonhateXx October 29, 2011
1) A girl that is two faced.

2) A girl that will judge you for no reason, even if she has never met you and has never gotten to know you.

3) A girl that will be nice to you only when other people are around.

4) A girl that is a total bitch and has no nice feelings for anyone other than herself.
"I thought she was nice, but Adele turned out to be a scandalous bitch!"
by reapingjustice April 18, 2010