The 'Hooker with the heart of Gold' is a a female and in rare cases, a man, who lives the tragic life of prostitution.

The hooker with the heart of gold is a caring, loving, person whose head and heart are all in the right place, but is in the prostitution business due to some ludicrous tale such as:

1)she has no way of paying a HUGE debt and has to work 2 jobs plus the corner

2)she is forced by the pimp to be a prostitute and doesn't leave because fear of him

3)a family member is deathly ill and she had to quit school and get 2 low paying jobs plus work the corner
Hooker with the heart of gold: Hey! wanna have a good time baby?

Pleasure seeker: Get in.
Several hours later.....

Hooker is walking back to the corner when she sees a hobo...she gives him half the earnings she just made even though her pimp is not gonna be happy. she puts the hobo before herself
by tymk August 12, 2011
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i havent played it, but it looks like the best pokemon game ever (along with soul silver) IMO. my favorate pokemon games were gold and silver, and this game aloong with its counterpart has everything from the original games, but they are presented in a much more epic way. the game looks better than any other pokemon game ive played for a handheld... the amount of pokemon and special events presented is staggering... the pokethlon looks like a good sub for contests... and the music is beautiful with its deloghtful remixes. also, ill get to use my favorate starter, cyndaquil :D. if you want, go look it up. if you hate pokemon, thats cool too. but hey, just know next spring, ill be starting my johto journey again for the first time in 10 years..
pokemon heart gold is said to be the greatest pokemon game ever. buy it in japanese, wait until it comes out in english, or hack it. imo, it looks epic and i cant wait until spring 2010!
by Z3r0s3volution September 17, 2009
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The soon-to-be worst Pokemon game ever made. Pokemon in general is horrible, both the anime and games.
Pokemon Heart Gold sucks.
by PokemonHeartGold August 11, 2009
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