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someone possessing a good soul
my ex girlfriend jenna does not have a heart of gold
by lukey August 14, 2003

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To use one's bonafied penis as a knife and pelvic thrust it into objects of affection.
Man Kyle Gibney is stabbing the hell out of that bowling ball.
by Lukey May 22, 2003

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bigger than ginormous, a fusion of huge and gigantic, while ginormous is a mix between enormous, and gigantic, while in most epinions, huge is bigger than enormous, therefore hugantic is more hugantic than ginormous
by lukey August 15, 2003

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you son of a bitch you do it so well.
<Robbie T.> Hey, How are you, you son of a bitch
<Luke> oh shut the fuck up you qwashole
<Mark> qwas'd
by Lukey April 14, 2003

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An individual possessing a good soul.
Kyle Gibney has a heart o' gold.
by Lukey May 22, 2003

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similar to a cheese ball, but less ball-like and more poofy, these are the zenith of the cheese snack society, with nips on the bottem, followed by ez cheese, then balls, then poofs.
Luke "yo this poof is starting to fuck with me"
Matt "that's cuz your high you fag"
Luke "oh cool, throw me another poof"
by lukey January 30, 2005

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The act of swinging a dogpoo bag around your head like a mace and smacking an unsuspecting foe with it.
Damen: Im gonna brillhole dan.
Dan: You cunt the bag split open and everything.
Luke: Dan you stink.
by Lukey November 22, 2003

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