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1. A state of confusion, dizziness, or slight vertigo often after a acutely traumatic event.

2. Alcohol intoxication.

3. Bluntness, lacking tact, and stubborn.
Man, Ryan really experienced true headiness when I smacked him across his face with my fat cock.
by Shik February 03, 2005
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Headiness was first used in the long forgotten burroughs of western Antarctica where a group of delusional linguists were exiled after the great schism known today simply as Lingua Terminato. After the seventeenth century revolt, the purveyors of proper English beat the group known solely as the Blah Blahs, in a hard fought battle on the open plains of interpretative language. The Blah Blahs fought long and hard to maintain the ability to make up retarded words and use them in everyday language in hopes that the dotterels of society would hear these words used on t.v., believe they were actual words, and proceed to propagate their words amongst the uneducated and neurologically challenged. Then after years of constant build-up, this language would be used as secret code in order to overthrow the nations of proper English, the strategy being that their battle plans would be undecipherable to those of normal intelligence. After coming into power they would then build a society on the foundation of ignorance and live in perceived bliss for their remaining days.
I use the word headiness, so it is obvious I have no frontal lobes.
by ryan February 03, 2005
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