noun \ˈhɛdˈbɑb\

oral sex performed on a male (refers to the movement of the performers head); an elegant, poetic, even illustrative way to talk about getting head.
Jim: You hanging out with that one girl tonight?
Jack: You know it. Hoping for a little head-bob.
Jim: Nice.
by thisisforpius March 07, 2011
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A catchy dance type head maneuver done only by The KPP.
KPP do that head bob to FILENE's!!!!!
by TheKPP July 28, 2003
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the act of nodding your head, in agreeance with a comment. comparatively to a bobble head, but not as bouncy, well... maybe a little bounce. usually the henning head bob follows with an "alright" or "umm".
me: "hey man, how's your day going?"
not alan: "good man, just got my borla exhaust put on, and bought a new tactical shotgun"
me: "you said that yesterday"
not alan: "alllllllllllllll-right" *Henning Head Bobs head*
by throat_yogurt69 October 12, 2020
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A small nod of the head, done repetitively in synchronization with music. Denotes approval of music by the listener. Performed at concerts by concert-goers, or while listening to music by the listener.

Substituted for dancing by hipsters, who are too cool to dance.
Andy: Dude, how was the DFA1979 show?
Brad: Great, except for all the douches doing the hipster head bob. I just wanted to get down!
by jakeishere March 07, 2011
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The bobbing of the head that crowds do at a show when they don't know what else to do with themselves; approval of the show, or complete confusion and puzzlement of how their bodies should move, react, and connect.
OMG! I wanted to dance so bad, but with all the Hipster Head Bobbing people, I couldn't, I might just overwhelm them with my slight variety of moves that involve other parts of my body but my head!
by Micolo April 01, 2011
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HBD is Probably the most laziest ways of animation ever known. HBD is a growing cancer cell that infects animators in this community known as the 'meme animators' community which has a confirmed pedo art tracer as a member. HBD is only good when it's used in porn.
Carla: Look at my animation meme that I made!
Ashley: That aint animation, just head bobbing lol.
Ashley: I'm afraid that you have been infected with HBD (Head Bobbing disease)
Carla: You don't understand! *hiss*1
by BasementDwellingFuck March 27, 2019
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This phrase has been used in Liverpool for decades.
1 Adjective. Description of a poor attempt to direct a football goalward with the head.
2. Adjective. Description of person who made the poor attempt to direct the ball goalward with their head.
Based on ten bob being a 50p piece, ball has spanged off one of the vertices of the 50p piece which is metaphorically on the footballers head. Ball heads off at a wild angle to that which was intended.
" That was a proper ten bob header mate"
" The state of that, you ten bob head!"
by DJ Bladdered September 06, 2006
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