Most commonly associated with a game involving apples, bobbing is a term used to describe the motion of ones head or upper torso when giving oral sex to a male.
I like to hold her hair and look her in the eyes when she's bobbing on my knob.
by J. S. Alexander January 20, 2006
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getting something without putting any effort or work into it
how did you get the job ?
oh your parents helped you
you must be bobbing then
by Cstylzzz July 28, 2016
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To blast that hypnotic spongebob background song on a speaker and in laguna beach.
Did you see those kids bobbing people
Yeah theyre genius!
by Ban3 September 11, 2017
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When you always flirt with someone a lot
Look, Sabrik is bobbing, again!”
by lolthatssofunny February 18, 2018
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The act of jerking off in front of an audience.
You were so drunk last night that you pulled out your dick and started bobbing in front of everyone!
by Sporto1 March 24, 2012
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Verb; (Bob•in)

The act of wearing nice clothes. Typically, men are "bobbing" more often than women.
"Justin's bobbing today", "Ima be bobbin' today".
by ADD707 April 29, 2011
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To use a group text message for something else other than it’s purpose
by La neta April 21, 2018
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