2 definitions by DJ Bladdered

Used in Liverpool early 1980s.
1. Leftfield adjective describing something, or someone you loathe, but had to endure for an unreasonable length of time.
" Had to watch the TV with my old dear last night, and the programme she wanted to watch was fucking Matt 'Eggenbaby' Houston"
by DJ Bladdered September 6, 2006
This phrase has been used in Liverpool for decades.
1 Adjective. Description of a poor attempt to direct a football goalward with the head.
2. Adjective. Description of person who made the poor attempt to direct the ball goalward with their head.
Based on ten bob being a 50p piece, ball has spanged off one of the vertices of the 50p piece which is metaphorically on the footballers head. Ball heads off at a wild angle to that which was intended.
" That was a proper ten bob header mate"
" The state of that, you ten bob head!"
by DJ Bladdered September 6, 2006