The activity of two or more things happening at the same rate.
"Seventeen are always in synchronization"

"Seventeen are deserving of best male dance performance because of their crazy synchronization"
by wzsnippiercing February 2, 2020
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Term coined by Carl Jung for the phenomenon of an apparent pattern of coincidental events which, while lacking any causal relationship, bear a meaningful relationship to the observer.

Example: A hot air balloon makes an emergency landing in your yard just as you're imagining what it's like to ride one.
I can't believe there is not a single reasonably correct and straight-forward definition provided for "synchronicity" here.
by Just A. Hunch October 3, 2019
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1. Moving or operating at the same rate.

NOTE: Commonly used interchangeably with the term "Symmetric" in reference to describing Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) data connections in the communications industry.
"An Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) connection is far better than ADSL or Dialup."
by Hack February 28, 2005
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GFriend (like seriously look at their dance videos so sync)
GFriend is synchronized af. (ik it's dumb but bear with me here)

Stan GFriend.
by KPOP not Gaypop January 22, 2019
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A magical connection of "coincidental" events that when you point out, makes you more intelligent than everyone else.
I was just thinking of the word synchronicity when I stumbled upon this definition.
by the dip April 30, 2007
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Synchronic /sɪnˈkrɒnɪk/

The term "Synchronic" pertains to the study, observation, or analysis of events, phenomena, or elements as they exist or occur simultaneously, without consideration of their historical development. It is often used in contrast with "diachronic," which involves looking at events, phenomena, or elements across different points in time.

The word originates from the Greek "syn," meaning "together," and "chronos," meaning "time," thus signifying the simultaneous or concurrent nature of the events or phenomena being considered.

"Synchronic" can be applied across a range of academic disciplines, including linguistics, anthropology, and sociology, to focus on a snapshot view of complex systems or phenomena at a specific point in time.
Anthropologists conducted a synchronic study of social norms within a community, aiming to understand current practices and beliefs.
by Kewk September 20, 2023
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The artwork of Visual Artist Adrianne Jezin from San Pedro, CA.
Her artwork is synchronic.
by synchronicart February 3, 2014
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