The incorrectly acronymized "Happy Birthday"; as opposed to the correct acronyization: HBd.

The acronym of “Has Been Drinking”, used predominantly within emergency medical services in the area surrounding Toronto, Ontario. This term is exclusively used grammatically as if it were an adjective; a euphemism for drunk.
"Today is Decmember 25, HBd Jesus"

Patient is a 22-year-old male, who is HBD.”

“Patient is Female, 17-years-of-age, very HBD.”

“My HBD patient is combative.”
by Otttawa November 27, 2010
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a shortcut version of Happy Birthday. usually used when you cannot write it or do not have enough space to fully write the whole thing due to the limited characters usage allowed

how the heck do we fit happy birthday on this small ass card?
just HBD it.
by Tonicxboom September 10, 2008
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An acronym that stands for human biodiversity. It is the acknowledgement and study of how humans differ from each other on both the individual and group levels because of differences in genotype. Differences include, but are not limited to, personality traits, athletic ability, intelligence, height, health, and physical appearance.
"What are some things that HBD informs us on?"

"Why professional sports leagues like the NBA and NFL are dominated by people of West African descent, why blacks and Hispanics consistently perform more poorly on all forms of cognitive testing than whites and Asians do, and why the Amerindian immigrants mowing lawns in the suburbs are so much shorter than the residents of those suburbs, just to name a few."
by Audacious Epigone October 12, 2011
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Some think this word stands for Happy Birthday but in all reality it stands for Hot Bearded Men. The term was coined by two hunks of manly squirrel obsessed men from Texas.
Squirrel 1: Man i sure love collecting these nuts!
Squirrel 2: Watch out theres an HBD with a pellet gun!
Squirrel 1: *Dies*
by The Han Samo February 16, 2020
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Heart. Break. Disease. When the girl of your dreams fucks up your life.
"Dude what's wrong with you?"

"She broke up with me"

"Damn Case of HBD.
by grcjr18 January 11, 2011
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Shortcut for having a bad day
Mally: "hru?"
Sally: "hbd :("
Mally: " Ohh no that's too bad."
by TheDefinitionHero April 06, 2015
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A sever sexually transmitted disease that, if gone untreated, can cause genitalia to fall off.
Man I wouldn't mess with that ho, she'll probably give you HBD.
by rustytrombone June 05, 2015
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