Here in New Zealand we use the word agreeance...along with many other words deemed as being 'out of date' these far as I'm concerned...if I can use it and everyone knows what I'm talking about...and I can do a search on google...and it doesn't come up saying 'did you mean agreement?' and it was first used as far back as 1540..then its definately a word.
so are we all in agreeance then that we have an agreement?
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
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I am in "agreeance' that KMart is NOT pronounced KMarK.
by SarahMiles May 28, 2006
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The state of agreement; when two or more people posess the same opinions or ideas
I am in agreeance with the fact that you idiots are not as well read as you think you are. If you spent more time reading and less time in front of the xbox perhaps you'd be in agreeance too.
by Language Tyrant October 5, 2005
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im in agreeance that he is an idiot.
by buff February 25, 2003
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When two people decide that they agree on something; a synonym for "agreement". Commonly used by people who are confused and cannot remember whether or not it is an actual word.
CG and Sazily were in agreeance that kows were cooler than cows.
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To be in a state of agreeing with a person, or group of persons.

After conducting this conclusive research on pesticides, I am in agreeance with the USDA.
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