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The bobbing of the head that crowds do at a show when they don't know what else to do with themselves; approval of the show, or complete confusion and puzzlement of how their bodies should move, react, and connect.
OMG! I wanted to dance so bad, but with all the Hipster Head Bobbing people, I couldn't, I might just overwhelm them with my slight variety of moves that involve other parts of my body but my head!
by Micolo April 1, 2011
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a derogatory term used to describe a woman who dresses suggestively, and acts too available; someone who sleeps around for validation, or seems and looks like the type.
She left the bar drunk, looking like a slut, dressed suggestively, and found herself alone with a strange man, "sex was in the air", and yet she said NO!! But he still went for it, and almost got off Scott-free. Does showing a little cleavage and shaking our booties make us sluts?
by Micolo April 1, 2011
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