He/her is a set of pronouns containing both the pronoun sets of she/her and he/him. It is used typically by people who identify as both masculine and feminine genders, but anyone who feels comfortable with them can use these pronouns if they fit you.

In some cases the person putting he first instead of she can indicate a preference for he, but this is not ever case and can be the opposite or they can be equal.
Oh, Darell goes by he/her pronouns. It means he can be called she or he. Sometimes she prefers one over the other as well.
by kozacore November 29, 2020
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explicative, 1. a phrase used to designate approval of a particular couple's relationship. Lobsters supposedly mate for life.
Also- "She's his lobster"; although, as male lobsters probably ascribe to this rule less often than female lobsters, it is probably more appropriate to think of Ross as being made for Rachel rather than Rachel being made for Ross.
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd August 16, 2005
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When a man is the wife of a woman and he is still male and the woman is female and still but they are the library and teachers maybe?
Is He Her Wife - Fahmy man at a house of the other boys
by SmilingFahmyBoi October 30, 2019
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a nice way of saying he had sex with her
Joe: "Is she DTF?"
Martine: "Yeah he had her at warinanco park"
by daggerboycnt69 January 17, 2011
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when a male ejaculates onto a females stomach and fills up her belly button.
Dude, last night him and his girl got it on, and he filled up her pool.
by Linny_AbAbY March 3, 2011
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Very emotional and may lead to severe depression caused by the deep feelings produced by this saying
he hit her=she shit herself S(he) S(hit) (Her)self
by bigdaddynat April 22, 2019
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