9 definitions by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd

noun, 1. (contemporary) a person who has abandoned Marx for Freedom.
David Horowitz is a true Sinistrodextral.
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd July 9, 2005
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noun, 1. a person having the traits of a conservative, persisting from an earlier time while having been known of or exhibited for a short time in recent history. 2. an ultra right wing, constitutional constructionist, commie-hating, fundamentalist, God-fearing, uber-nationalist, antidiversity, non-multiculturalist, war mongering, crusader, zionist, hegemonic, capitalist, red-baiting, jingoist, gun nut extremist.
The novusalerecons are always fighting with the neocons and the paleocons.
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd November 28, 2005
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explicative, 1. a phrase used to designate approval of a particular couple's relationship. Lobsters supposedly mate for life.
Also- "She's his lobster"; although, as male lobsters probably ascribe to this rule less often than female lobsters, it is probably more appropriate to think of Ross as being made for Rachel rather than Rachel being made for Ross.
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd August 16, 2005
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noun, 1. nerdspeak for idiot, "ID10T."
I told you not to let the office manager touch anything that uses electricity! That I.D.10-T pushed the reset button on the server.
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd August 1, 2005
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noun, 1. what you don't hear when you aren't paying attention.
When whatshisface started talking about the whoseiwhatsits, it was all blabbittyhoo to me.
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd August 23, 2005
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adjective, 1. high-grade. 2. the number of seeds of the Cacao tree (cocoa beans) you would pay for a nice looking whore one thousand years ago. Actually, you could probably get a good deal for eight, but it doesn't have the same ring to it.
Dude, that chick is totally Ten Beans.
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd August 1, 2005
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noun, 1. the condition of having become different.
-see also valmorpharized.
-see also valmorphanized.
"The valmorification worked!"
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd July 9, 2005
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