or H.C., Human Control. Time period (including B.C. and A.D.) before advanced machines. Generally defined by the i/o paradigm and the use of Decide. Characterized by inefficiency and phyicality. Similar to Age of Humans, carbondays, UN (Un) or un(times). See smart.
"Communication devices were once thought intelligent, but that was HC."
by Machines January 24, 2012
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HC is an acronym meaning "Hot chick." It can be used virtually anywhere.
Dude I swear, I saw this sweet looking HC the other day and couldn't take my eyes off her.
by ケン August 14, 2009
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Don’t worry bout it. (It’s nicotine)
BIG TOM WANTS TWO MCCHICKENS”said Bran. “I want Hc” said Newman. “I dont like Hc” said Donrock
by Donnyboiroast October 9, 2020
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the moment when zkael and hororo destroyed their own community, and blamed old members for being horny like how ussr did in the great purge. sometimes it also meant as an expression to a funny and cringe situation which mostly happens in #chatroom
some guy: zkael gay
zkael: we dont need trolls we need peace. ?ban @someguy without no proper reason because im the owner anyway haha i could do anything bitches
lily, bugcat, blanky: i support u zkael we simp 4 u the one n only!!!

other members: hcs moment
by zkaren December 19, 2020
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Attractive coworker that owns clear furniture and/or clothing items for their hipness.
by freeninjalessons May 2, 2008
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Noun, adjective, or verb; related to, describing, or is the one above all
B-bir hc? Is that you? It is bir hc.
by Lop sappy lop October 2, 2018
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