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security blanket. Imparts the power of invisibility. Also impervious to vampire attack. The blanket can be worn up to the neck and still give complete protection, due to a forcefield that projects up over the head. Helps you sleep.
Also the name of a member of the superhero team, the Flangetastic Four.
" I wish we werent camping on this old indian burial ground."
" Im not worried, I brought my blanky"
by dr live March 14, 2008
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The act of texting an acquaintance with a blank text. The implication of this is that you would blank said acquaintance if you saw them walking along on the street and they said hi to you. Blankies are used to show a general dislike or anger towards a person.

The effect is doubled if the person on the receiving end owns an old phone which can only store a limited number of texts (e.g. a Nokia 3310).
Person 1: Oh shit man.
Person 2: What's up, James?
Person 1: Jenny just sent me a blanky.
Person 2: Ha, she must really hate you.
by seafordfmrulez March 09, 2012
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A blanky is a particularly appeasing sexual technique used for extreme arousal; usually only women skilled in oral can pull it off.
Man that girl gives a good blanky.

I got a blanky last night, it was the best.
by W0lfPunk January 26, 2011
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