An abbreviation for Holden Caulfield from J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye. The term is often used to describe somebody who dwells on negativity, complains insesantly, or makes frequent use of sarcasm/cynicism.
gee, thanks HC. I'm gonna go slit my wrists now.
by a;kldsjfa;lkdsfj November 16, 2006
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Human Centapied Surgery. the surgery that is preformed on the movie "The Human Centapied". the most horable surgery.
i do not want to have HCS.
by no muscles January 4, 2011
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an abreviation for hairy chest
WOW that guy had such an HC you can see it even when he is wearing a turtle neck
by nnnnf April 10, 2007
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means 'Horse Cock'
Theres Bob. He sure has a HC! - 'Hey, HC!!! Get over here and buy me a beer!'
by Stiflers Mom June 3, 2005
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Holly Cows!

the kind of thing that robin will say to batman on a desesperate situation
"HC BATMAN" = "Holly Cows Batman!"
by martu February 9, 2008
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Horse Cock Syndrome, it's where a person suffers from having a huge cock (typically 7+ inches)
"yo Kelly, Kordian is suffering from HCS, he's cock is massive"
by anfraxti February 8, 2021
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HCS, most commonly known as ''Harbour City Service'', is the number 1 football firm in Australia.
did you see HCS roll HoЯda, johno and the other melb lads legged it outnumbered 40 to 25
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