1) It is a word customarily used between two people who are perceived as each others' homies; It stands for 'Bro' and 'Man.' The hybrid of the two creates the ultimate word for homies to exchange amongst each other.

2) A form of greeting between people of the male gender who are fuckin' homies.

The following synonyms may be used to substitute the word "Bran" but are not as commonly used: homie, home skillet, nig nug, niglet, smurfshit, breww, brotha.
by Lenny 10 April 10, 2011
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I-it's f- It's just bran...
Swaggersouls: I-it's f- It's just bran
Fitz: What does it do?
Swaggersouls: You eat it and..You feel OK
Someone else: What does it taste like?
Swaggersouls: Bran
by YeetusYeet November 01, 2019
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any swearword you wish
You bran!
You're a branning (f**king) liar!
by McPeppa October 12, 2007
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Celtic and Welsh for Raven. Can be a name for a male.
His name is Bran
by Vicktor "Wolf" Reznov March 16, 2021
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When someone just talks absolute shit to prove a point.
Khushal : 2+2=5
Brian: no it doesn't, it equals 4
Khushal: technically if we calculate the wind speed and then use the level of sun shining on the flow, then by the laws of photosynthesis, it has to be blue. Bees live in a hive and that rhymes with five. Hence 2+2=5.
Brian: You're chatting so much shit, stop being a bran.
by Pingu25 March 29, 2018
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When a person breaks up with their significant other only to show up with a new one a short time later.
Person 1: Hey did you hear Bryan and Jamie broke up yesterday and now he is dating Andrea?

Person 2: He is such a Bran.

Person 1: Dan is Branning big time. He broke up with Laura a month ago and he is already dating Allison.
by Pinkstar007 February 17, 2009
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