"what's your favorite hc?"

"mine is that this character is actually gay"

by E.A.L. September 28, 2019
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hc about Izaya. -he's an asshole. He knows it, so he tries to be an even bigger asshole.- -he sleeps in only his boxers-
by Random poster 69 June 4, 2017
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word created by a kid from north brunswick to mean hardcore why i do not know
Man this shit is so hc.
by sirfaraz May 21, 2005
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the opposite of an fc which is a full credit. an hc is a half credit but i described all of this in the fc definition and i'm too lazy to type it all out again
please don't use due to in an english essay because it's not grammatically correct and one will receive an hc if they do so
by youredisappointing August 22, 2017
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I'm getting a hc.
by Frisco69 January 6, 2017
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What you are really doing instead of "lol".
Sam slipped on an apple peel as he was sitting down, hc.
by Scarecrow_of_Oz February 19, 2011
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Jim: Hey, can you pick us up tonight?
Jack: Sure, what time?
Jim: 2:30 AM
Jack: hc

Godzilla: Raaaaaaaawr
by girrrtacos November 17, 2006
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