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Fench, an object in Modern Warfare 2 that wow inspiring stupidest commando lunges that you would ever see occur over.
Fench is to be used were fence would normally would be used.
Ex. I'm on the Fench about this subject.
by SgtTaters November 10, 2010
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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A mixture between being Fat and Hench (muscular.) Fench could also mean 'beefy' or 'chunky' perhaps.
Oh my god! That rugby player is so Fench!
by Shaniqua of Chap3l September 03, 2012
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-a girl who flirts with EVERY single guy to the max
-is fake around guys, is suddenly a whole different person

-is a bitch and only real girls see it, and every guy sees her as an angel
-suddenly her friends become non-existent when a boy walks in the room
(she basically runs away from all of her friends to go flirt with a shitload of guys)
-will give you dirty looks if you try to talk to the guy she's flirting with
-omg she's such a fench

-that's the fakest laugh i've ever heard from her

-hey uh don't you and him have a thing? bc i saw (insert a fenches name here) all over him today

*fench starts flirting with kid who you know she doesn't find attractive*
by alecksyou September 12, 2017
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Fench : paradoxical act of aggression - as a fench is entirely unprovoked, any retribution won't serve as due revenge, because the revenge was provoked by the fench. No prior warning can be given to the victim, and a fench cannot be used as a threat, becase these both imply provocation of some sort - a fench must be an act of wanton, spontaneous violence.

In other words, an act of aggression so successful that full revenge is impossible.
Can be used in various forms to describe the act of aggression (usually resulting in comic humiliation of the victim), the aggressor and the victim, ie:

1. "I've just witnessed a particularly amusing fench"
2. "I've just been fenched"
3. "You're worse than a bastard - you're a fencher!"
by ekul August 10, 2004
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A portmanteau of "fandom" and "stench", fench is the proper name for that ever-present smell of sweaty fans that lingers around any fan-based convention (Anime, Sci-Fi, Furry, Gamer, etc). Similar to bad locker-room smell, it has less of the wet-shower-funk and more of the Great Unwashed Bod funk.
By Sunday the level of fench in the Baycon elevators was nearly overpowering.
by Tugrik January 07, 2012
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