(n.) Social elites. Famed, fashionable, adorable and learnéd. The beautiful people.
Glitterati consists fashion laber owners, celebrity socialites, actors and actresses and otheruseless leaches to society
by Kung-fu Jesus July 6, 2004
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The cream of the rich, glamorous, famous and social elite, particularly pertaining to Hollywood and the power players of the American film industry.
by Druberry December 18, 2006
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The school's glitterati, including the student body president, the homecoming queen, and the varsity quarterback, were at the party.
by Ismo December 14, 2005
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GLBT rights activists who throw glitter at or on conservative politicians who spread hatred to attract votes.
Feel the rainbow, Newt! Stop the hate! Stop anti-gay politics!

The glitterati strikes again!
by 21451 June 20, 2011
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Rock band from Leeds.

Swagger-y punk image, adequate enough music. Entertaining live artists.
"The Glitterati are playing there tonight, wanna go?"
by Zoecb October 22, 2004
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An audacious, annoying and generally "WASP" or "WASP" inspired ne'er-do-well worth more in tax debt. The breed is prevalent in Georgetown, Washington, DC, but can be found in Nantucket, the Vineyard and other "social" seasonal spots where work means less than conformity.
"Gee, Chris likes to appear as if he lives on a trust fund ... but we all know he's just part of the penniless glitterati."
by the Cindy Moon January 6, 2014
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