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"Umlaut" (m.), noun

The German alphabet consists of 26 characters plus 3 umlauts: ä, ö and ü.
The two dots above the letters do NOT indicate an accentuation or emphasis of the syllable (as for instance accent-bearing letters in Spanish or French). Umlauts are used as independent characters in the German language.

Whenever the use of umlauts is not possible (e.g. for technical reasons, in email addresses or names of websites), umlauts are indicated by the following combinations:
“ae” = ä, “oe”= ö, “ue” = ü.

some proper names contain the converted form of umlauts
(e.g. the author is spelled Goethe NOT Göthe)!

The letter ä is pronounced like the a in “apple”.
The sound of the letter ö is similar to the sound in “earn” or “bird”.
The letter ü is the most difficult for those who are learning German. It is the same sound as the u in the French words “musique”, “chaussure”, “rue”, ... etc.
Umlauts are used in all types of word categories: nouns (not only, but often in the plural form), verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prefixes and prepositions.

Ä: Äpfel, Hände, wärmen
Ö: Löwe, Köln, mögen,
Ü: Küsse, Frühling, wünschen
by jazzmine1220 July 08, 2007
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Childhood nickname Jason Stiles has for Lorelai Gilmore on the Popular TV Show "Gilmore Girls"
Lorelai: "DIGGER!"
Jason: "UMLAUTS!"
Lorelai: "I can not belive you just called me Umlauts!"
by Lauren Parks March 17, 2008
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Visible nipples under thin clothing.

"Whoa, did you dig that girl? Total umlauts, man!"
"Whoa, did you see that girl? Total umlauts, man!"
by Jeni L September 05, 2016
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The two small dots above german letters. Usually used to move the syllable sound to the front of the mouth, so 'ooo' becomes 'oh' and so forth. Also associated with making something seem cooler, or more edgy. This process is commonly associated with nouns.
über, köhn. And to make something more intesne - Joseph becomes Jö-sef.

He just thinks he's all that because he has an umlaut in his name.
by Evolution Theory February 23, 2006
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Vulgar slang. Technically this is the act of depositing half a load of semen onto each of a person's (e.g. an attractive female) two eyes. In practice the term may refer to male ejaculation near the eyes and - more loosely - as sexual activity of any kind. Umlaut can also be used to express a person's perceived sexual atractiveness. A person who is attractive or upon whom it is desirable to perform the act of umlauting is said to be "umlautable". The word "umlaut" is often used as a single world exclamation where the term is synonymous (but with more vulgar connotations) with the word "hot".

The term is derived from visual similarity of the sexual act upon the eyes to the diacritical marking of two dots appearing over a vowel in Germanic languages.
"That chick was so smokin' I umlauted right on her eyes."

"Dude, major umlautables over there."

"He umlauted her brains out."

by umlauterus maximus November 25, 2009
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