The worst type of French , From the dark lords capital city of Paris.
Parisians hate everything , in particular the non french.
Legend says that if you say Racism 10 times in front of your mirror at midnight , a parisian may appear.
P1 : "This guy is such a Parisian.."
P2 : "You mean from Paris?"
P1: "No, he just hates everyone"
P2 : "Yeah ... guess you're right"
by persel1 February 16, 2021
If someone is a Parisian then they live in Paris or come from Paris (born in Paris)
Boy: " where were you born"
Girl: " Paris"
Boy: " so your a Parisian?"
Girl: " yes"
Boy: "okky dokky
by Xoxo_smithers_xoxo February 21, 2016
A black person. Originally derived from the hit song 'Niggas in Paris'.
I'm so happy we have a parisian as President for four more years.
by welove7/7 November 10, 2012
Doing something dumb or stupid but trying to act innocent and cute to get positive attention instead of criticism.
That was so parisian of her to forget wearing panties.
by poopita May 25, 2007
During anal intercourse, preferably a three-way, having a female partner take an unused condom (deflated), and inserting it into another partner's anus; next, the condom is inflated with the first female's mouth while it is in the second female's anus; particularly skilled females can inflate the condom to the point of rupture
Dude, why won't my girlfriend do the parisian carnival with me?
by the parisian king November 26, 2006
The most common version of European men. Are very skinny and wear speedos. Can be seen on the beach usually with other Ridgebacks and can be spottede by their signature trademark; a prominent spine.
"Crikey, a Parisian Ridgeback!!!"
by ridgebacklover May 25, 2008
When a guy passes a STD from a stripper to the next girl he meets and leaves himself clean.
Damn, my dick is itchin' after last night and I don't have time for the free clinic.

Sounds like someone needs a parisian carwash.
by freeclinic January 18, 2019