The 17-year old American Idol contestant from Utah, also referred to as "Archie" by his fans. He has one of the strongest voices AI has ever seen, and he is talented beyond his years. People like to hate on him because they think he's only winning because he's cute and loved by millions of girls, or because he's a baby, and rumors have been started about his father being a 'stage-dad.' He is also not too creative with his performances, like co-finalist David Cook, but is still has a purer voice than Cook. Nonetheless, Archuleta has talent at a young age that even the best idol contestants probably did not develop until later in their lives. Whether you want him to win or not, you have to admit he is talented.
David Archuleta didn't do so well on American Idol last night, his song choice wasn't too good.
The 17-year old David Archuleta has such a good voice for someone so young!
David Archuleta has a HUGE fanbase.
by heyyygirlHEY! May 19, 2008
An extremely talented 17 year old from Murray, Utah. He participated in the talent competition American Idol and came in second only to David Cook (another undiscovered talent). He was also formerly a contestant from the hit show Star Search in which he placed first in the Junior Division when he was 12. His fanbase is one of the biggest in American Idol history, he is especially popular with young teenage girls as well as older ladies. He is also known as one of the sexiest guys in the world and he's currently single as well :)
David Archuleta David Archuleta David Archuleta David Archuleta!
by lil archie luver May 30, 2008
David Archuleta is probably one of the most talented singers out there right now. He has a very larger fan-base and there's obviously a reason for it. He is one of the rare people that are extremely talented but have no idea how talented they really are. This is why he is so humble. He also has some haters but those people are just insecure guys that hate on him because all the girls love him instead of them.
David Archuleta is the sexiest man alive.
by archieslettucegirl22 April 6, 2011
1.the runner up for american idol season 8 he lost 2 david cook. amaing singer that can also play the piano 3. b4 he auditioned he had a voice paralisis4. he is very hot and every girl including paula abdul has a crush on him and he knos it!!
person1: i wanted david archuleta to win this year
person2:ya he waz good at least he is still friends wit david c!!!
person1: ya he waz amazing 2
by iuiuuyfhkdfiugdkjsjuity July 23, 2008
An average singer who will probably win season 7 of American Idol because of his personality and popularity with American teenage girls.
David Cook has more talent than David Archuleta, therefore he should win. However, he won't, as the show is a popularity contest rather than a talent contest.
by amazingmonkey March 28, 2008
Runner up in American Idol season 7. His fanbase is exclusively made up of teenagers. Although he can only sing ballads he made it to the top while so many others with a lot more talent than him were thrown out. Archuletard's altime favorite word is "gosh" the second being "thankyou." He usually combines them when speaking to Paula Abdul after she says she's going to murder him and hang his head in her car.
-Paula Abdul: I want ti squish you, squish your head off and dangle you from my rearview mirror.
-David Archuleta: Thankyou gosh! (laughs stupidly)
by LilyBlack May 25, 2008
the cutest guy on american idol season 7 top 24
more infos about them
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david archuleta:(sings)
paula abdul:i wanna squish you
by joan123 February 15, 2008