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(A and B talking on text )A:" ill give you the ยฃ5 tomoz yeah" B: "iyt sn"
by blackmanpacefc@fifa13 December 06, 2015
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Side Note.
usually accompanied by a colon(:)
Today was a very boring day. SN: I just finished my homework and heading to the movies. WOO!
by d[man]phressh October 12, 2009
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An acronym for "say nothing". Typically used in text when someones pissed off and doesn't feel that the other person deserves to speak.
Twat -" I didn't mean to fuck your girlfriend"
You -"sn"
by joeboy44 June 21, 2016
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"screen name"

The alias used on screen, whether the screen is the silver screen or a pc screen.
Muarice Micklewhite goes by the screen name of Michael Caine.
by Gumba Gumba March 19, 2004
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S.N. is the acronym for "side note". It's only purpose is to pretty much have two statuses in one
I had a great time at the football game! S.N. me and bobby got back together <3
by I see an apple tree August 28, 2010
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