A member of the worldwide "Drinking club with a running problem", the Hash House Harriers. A hasher is either a Hare or a Hound in a running event where the runner designated as the "Hare" lays trail (usually with flour) and the "Hounds" (the other runners) follow the trail. Once you have run in the hash for a period of time, all hashers are dubbed with a "hash name", or nickname.
Are you a hasher?
Sure am! Name's Jerks His Own. On! On!
by Jerks His Own July 28, 2005
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dude he's smokes to much, what a hasher
by Alex November 27, 2003
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A twitter user who uses the hashtag for any purpose, but typically to develop a topic of their own making into a meme or to self-promote.
The hashers were out in force when moonfruit was offering a free laptop to people who included the tag "#moonfruit" in their tweet, resulting in a lot of positive PR for them.
by Snidely Backlash September 4, 2009
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Member of the Has House Harriers. Hence a drinker with a running problem. A good bloke
Here's to Fatso, He's true blue. He's a hasher through and through
by Britarse December 18, 2003
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(n), pleural of Hasher

Member of the worldwide "Drinking club with a running problem", the Hash House Harriers. When together in a group, they are usually running about looking for the trail that leads to the secret circle designed for the consumption of beer and lewd fun.
Where there are hashers there is usually beer near.
by downN'dirty May 26, 2009
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cutest couple around and if you don't believe me then go away and thats on point PERIODT.
Hannah and Asher are the best couple ever.
Hasher is a ship couple name
by babycakes~ August 30, 2020
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Hippie. Someone who believes wholeheartedly in the "free spirit", "Peace & Love", and smokes a lot of pot. Also has dreadlocks that even Rastafari look at and say how dirty they look.
"Look at the Hasher Douche. He needs to clean the bugs out of his dreads and lay off the pot!"
by Johnny The English Grammarian December 22, 2008
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