max and videl.
omg babe i wish we were like the best couple ever, max and videl
by adleyhater123 July 6, 2017
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oh, babe. i wish we could be like adhley and marceau! they’re conspicuously the best couple ever
by fevergutss August 12, 2018
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There names normally start with a z and a j they are the most Romantic couple and want to spend lots of time together they love cuddles and “I love you more fights”
Who do you think is the best couple ever?”

“I think it’s Z+J
“They are so romantic!”
by 1335z January 10, 2021
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The best couples in the world is Malthe + Lærke Morten + Maja Lucas + Juliane or if your name starts with the letters H + K R + L A + M
guy 1 to malthe - hay whose your girlfreind

malthe to guy 1 - its Lærke she is cute
guy 1 to malthe - nice your the best couples ever
by patric-and-spongebob November 4, 2019
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