An Irish nightclub that is a rite of passage for thousands of teenagers throughout the midlands of Ireland. Located in Tullamore, Co. Offaly, this club and it's lax policy of allowing (and some say, encouraging) underage drinking, attracts all social groups looking for a good 'shift' (or maybe more). From goths to chavs all are welcomed.
If you're 16, don't mind the smell of Lynx body spray and in the mood for a foam party, Harriers on a Saturday is heaven for you!
Anto: Biyz, are yees goin to Harriers?, it'll be savage craic!
Wayne: No way, I'm nearly 18! Way too old for that place.

For legal reasons, I must state that Harriers 'complies with all the laws regarding alcohol sale and consumption'. Nudge nudge, wink wink.
by Captainfailure April 17, 2008
the most awsome jet in use of the U.S military. mostly used by the marines though (because they are the coollest military branch in the universe
-dude that harrier just took off straight up.
-ya because it belongs to the marines and is the coollest plane in the world, it can do that.
-thats bad ass
by Mr. A and B the C of D January 28, 2010
A hardcore runner, someone who runs like there is no tomorrow. Cussin' and discussin' while they stomp a mudhole anywhere they can. You can keep your trophy, the real reward is the gravel and pieces of scab that you dig out of the shower drain the next day.
Man that Dathan Ritzenhein is one crazy harrier!
by Gracen March 5, 2005
the biggest piece of shit in the marine corps due 2 its old age has basically been rendered obsolete due 2 the upcoming joint strike fighter which is badass and probably required at least 50% less maintenance than the piece-o-shit harrier,.. which i hate working on
man that thing is like a harrier
oh, so its an old piece of shit?
by jeessus October 26, 2010
To have more hair than somebody else.
I am harrier than you.
by BackToNormal July 1, 2004
amazing way to describe a Harrier Airstrike on Modern Warfare 2.
Guy 1 ; Bro, seven killstreak!
Guy 2 ; Uh-oh! What happens now?
Guy 1 ; I call in my pubic harriers and rape these kids!
by swag.swag. October 6, 2011
Possibly the worst aircraft ever designed regarding maintenance. When the aircraft is not flying, maintenance Marines are working a common 13-14 hours a night for the almighty flight hour. This is due to the notable British engineering who designed the aircraft in such a way that it is almost impossible to remove any component without disassembly of the aircraft itself. Along with the prestigious design of the aircraft, system upgrades have helped maintenance Marines log even more work hours due to the complexity and unreliable design of avionic systems.
This Harrier Jet sucks, now we are gonna see day crew!
by Harrier Mechanic November 25, 2009