a fairly good bike company, except for the fact that the zippo and the revo design on and off every other year
by JeVoNeR September 14, 2003
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haro is a bike company like all bike companies, they make good bikes and they make etry level bikes. their top of the line bmx bikes, the monocoque and the sx-pro are good examples of high quality bmx frames. their downfall is the realization that there is more money to be made in the 200-400 dollar range for selling both racing and street-type bikes.
you will see mane junior riders on haro, they are inexpensive and well built.
by mikokatsun October 06, 2005
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an anoying ball shaped robot that repeats everything it says
Haro, Haro
Fucus, Focus
Sucks to be you, Sucks to be you
by C.D.Z. March 10, 2011
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The word "Hello" pronounced by an Asian man or woman due to very thick accents. Is very hilarious when heard. Asians pronounce an "L" like an "R".
Asian Man - Haro there wourd you rike some rice?

- Dude! Whatever you said, its hilarious!
by Haro Prease March 31, 2009
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Highly overrated bmx bicycles.
"Hey I bought a Haro, it's awesome!"

-2 weeks later-

"My haro fell apart and broke! What were the chances?"
by r0gue August 06, 2006
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A Haro is a guy like no other. He's the kind of guy to keep a girl happy, forever. Girls will always talk about him, always be on girls mind. He's cute and a good kisser. Usually found in California (Olivehurst) he's amazing at soccer.
His last name is Haro
by Thecoolone November 26, 2013
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