n. An expensive, refillable lighter. Usually decorated with designs. They last for a long time, and can be left flaming without holding it like a Bic.
I found my old Jack Daniel's Zippo in my room this weekend; I'm so excited!
by Holly_Day February 3, 2004
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best lighters ever made
my zippo is settin right here
by Dan March 24, 2005
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classic lighter that you see in any movie where a lighter is featured,

the coolest things ever ;your best friend
in charlies angels full throtle,

"hey, light my blunt"
"sweet i have my zippo on me too"

"im bored"
"lets light shit on fire with my zippo"
by 1004PYROchik October 25, 2009
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1. a metal, refillable lighter that is known for it's rugged design. It is windproof, and has a lifetime guarantee, which is why it's become so popular over tha ages. Zippos often have designs on them to give them "personality." a fuel button does not need to be pressed in order to keep lit, it turns off by closing the lid.
2. a derogatory word used by the military for flamethrower tanks.
I just got a new Zippo, it's so cool!
by pyrotechnik July 9, 2005
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A cool lighter that flips open and can stay lit
zippo lighter lighter, like a bic but stays lit w/o holding down.
by pntbl November 30, 2007
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1. Zero. Nothing, nada, zilch.
The score is ten to zippo.
by 5'11"racer November 11, 2006
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An expensive, yet piece of shit brand o lighters whos fuel constantly runs out and is hard to stay lit. Pure style over substance.

That and you cant use them to smoke weed.
Sure, Zippos are cool looking and are harder to blow out then lets say, Bics but they suck.
by Arm February 17, 2006
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