Asians way of saying like since they can't pronounce the letter "L"
Did you rike that movie?

I didn't just rike it, i ruved it!
by Dr.Phaggot August 06, 2010
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Rikee is a person who is intelligent, pretty, funny, and easy to get along with. She can always bright up your day like the sun. If you’re ever sad find you a Rikee. She’s known for good advice and being there for you. She can always make you smile and shes an overall amazing human being.
That person is so amazing. I know thats Rikee
by th3r3al0ne November 22, 2017
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A humerous sometimes derogatory expression of I like your style; this is usually pronouced with a bad japanese accent to portray the stereotype of Asians pronouncing their "L"s as "R"s.
As the two martial artist engage in battle, one commences to attack with an ancient Shaolin technique. The other quickly counters the maneuver and pauses to say "Ah, I see you study the shaorin, I rike your styre!"
by Dick Shun Narrie May 30, 2007
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When Tim fuck chick he put in asshore so it feer nice in peehore
I RIKE TO FUCK CHICK IN ASSHORE FIR NICE IN PEEHORE is when josh fuck a chick in di asshore so it feer good in peehore
by DICHDONGREE June 18, 2018
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A white girl with a beautiful personality which she doesn't show to everbody. Usually can't burp and has a wide range of fashion and music taste. Sometimes makes weird moves and sounds. Never textes back.
Guy: Aye you heard something new from Rike?

Dude: nah fam she never texts back.
by MoreWeight January 02, 2017
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The Rike's Dicktheory defines the phenomenon of a thot that will seek dick around her environment and finds it by the biggest beanpole with no testicles.
"Aye you heard of that Thot's boyfriend?"

"Yeah, he's such a nerd"

"They be living that Rike's Dicktheory."

"I always knew that law is applying irl"
by aaskyblue April 25, 2018
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