A man of Asian ancestry. Some Asian men are native to Asia, while others are Americans, Canadians, etc.
He's an Asian man who's 6' 0" and 170 lbs. A good-looking fellow.
by thelexicographer December 8, 2019
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a person who is smarter than smart.
The average test score was 69% and it somehow got to 95%. Who could've done this? Asian Man.
by thxnder November 2, 2020
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Asian man is a picture of a naked Chinese man with a long schlong...
His pics are sent out by the legendary jj olatunji
Asian man is a pornstar
by Naked Chinese man June 22, 2020
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Doesn’t want America to steal his rice
America: Too late, Asian man
by Little 80 year old Asian November 29, 2019
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Jerry the asian man is the best sort of man there is. jerry the asian man is calm and smart
you are such a jerry the asian man
by BigSee November 13, 2018
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A super sexy and hot God with Balls the size of bowling balls in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. He is responsible for creating the entire world. Other names for him are the Alabama Slamma and Texas Hunk. He has a horse named Pickens and he wears nothing but patched overalls. Bald Asian Man's name originates from his appearance, the Asian in his name comes from him being Caucasian which has Asian in it. Bald Asian Man is the peak form of Masculinity. Bald Asian Man is so strong his bald head reflects bullets and he can stand in any weather while only wearing patched overalls. Bald Asian Man is a god loving American and you all should be like him except if your a woman because Bald Asian Man is a man hence the Man in his name.
Bald Asian Man is the sexiest cowboy alive.
by Venomous Nutt January 25, 2023
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A badass song that is like really cool and its in a movie.

Coolness and very sexy I love that song secret asian man.

SECRET asiaaann man!! secret asaainn man sexret assian man.
by namino neitou sama October 12, 2007
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