50% of the time just stalling in the bathroom looking through urban dictionary words
guy1: I'm an hard-working office worker, and I'm proud.

guy2: So you're working really hard on finding good words in the urban dictionary? I do!

guy1: I'm gonna be your new boss soon. And I never go to the bathroom at the office.

guy2: It's not what it looks like..
by poop de scoop June 10, 2018
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With the evolution of modern medicine, an office worker will live to around 85 years old. These zombie like humans, infected with the parasite of indoctrination, are compliant and conditioned to both obey and seek validation from the one source; Absolute authority.
Roger: "Want to jump off the bridge at high tide tonight?"
Tim: "Wow. I can't I have to be in the office by 7 am tommorow. "
Roger: "You wanker!"
Tim: "We all have to grow up someday."
Roger: "Piece of shit, office workers always say that."
by SalonStyleResultz September 13, 2017
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