An adjective describing a person that is seemingly unphased by anything. Derived from the Hong Kong movie Hard Boiled directed by John Woo.
Yo don't mess with them cats, they hard boiled.
by Ace April 11, 2004
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An EGG that you prepare over a stove, with Boiling water. Wait until the water is boiling, gently insert your egg(s) in to the pot the water is boiling within. Set a clock or timer for 15 minutes, and Gently use tongs to remove them! They are Very Brittle!! Be careful..
We made some hard-boiled eggs for easter, YummZ!
by BriaN! April 09, 2004
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A white person who has either adopted or wants to adopt asian ideals. Hence, white on the outside and yellow on the inside.
I can't believe Steve is so hard boiled; I don't think he's ever been attracted to a girl that wasn't asian.
by Fake Individual February 21, 2005
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someone who has lost all sex appeal and has become totally unappealing to their former mate
i found out that guy i've been dating waxes his eyebrows... he totally hard boiled himself
by highpockets79 April 15, 2010
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An AWESOME Hong Kong action movie starring Yun Fat Chow and directed by John Woo. It's about the super badass Inspector Tequila, who goes around killing people... I don't know Chinese so I didn't understand the plot (too lazy to read subtitles), but I do know it's about Tequila, and his partner get's killed, and some other stuff happens, they they explode...
That about sums it up.
Hard Boiled guarentees 100% chance of your balls being stomped.
by BigRedButton February 05, 2007
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Hard-boiling occurs when a person sends a message digitally (text message, phone call e-mail etc.) and the recipient does not want to respond. One may not know they are hard-boiling another until it is already occurring. The recipient who chooses not to respond is thus 'poaching'.
Text Message "Hey Ethan, I think you should lose the mustache." Ethan's response? Didn't even pull his phone out of his pocket. You are straight up Hard-Boiling Ethan.
by Chiefsandchopper December 01, 2011
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A Hong Kong film made by John Who in 1992. A Bloodshed genre film. Starred Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

Many bloody gunfights occured in this film and many dead bodies spawning in almost every single scene.

Like other John Woo's films, this movie also show some bloody slo-mo gunfights, amounts of flying doves, diving move, endless on..

A Badass movie.
Dude 1: I wanna be a Detective Tequilla in Hard Boiled. He's a badass!!!!

Dude 2: Try insert some Infinity Bullet and No Reloading Cheat, then here you go.....

*Stranglehold is a sequel to Hard Boiled, released only on PC, PS3 and X360*
by Wenaldy August 28, 2009
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