Made in Mexico from cacti and shit. Tastes like fermented death and stale urine. Often used in exorcisms to drive out demons, when the possessed individual cannot find a priest.
The terrorist wasn't giving up any information until investigators threatened him with tequilla.
by AJFlem19 March 9, 2011
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A liquor made distilled from fermented agave. Gullible people buy it with a worm in the bottle or they buy Patron.

Tequilla is mostly used in shots, margaritas, and tequilla sunrises. If you're trying to lessen the experience of the shot, the correct order is salt lick, tequilla shot, lime bite.

For some reason or other, it has a reputation for causing excessive drunkenness. Probably due to psychological effects.
A: This tequilla tastes like how rubber cement smells.

B: Then maybe you should stop sipping it - it's not a sipping liquor!
by caramelized_onions March 20, 2012
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The cutest dog in the history of the world.
Katelyn deserves tequilla.
by alyssaD February 18, 2011
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Tequilla (pronounced Teckeeya). A prank Tequila made by mischeivous Mexicans to make American tourists sick and wreck their vacations. Sweat is gathered from the hairy backs of Mexican farmers working under the hot Mexican sun and mixed with spit and a little cactus and lime juice before being bottled up and served to unsuspecting American Spring-Breakers who will drink anything.
The poorly paid Mexican hotel attendant laughed to himself as he poured Tequilla down the throats of some hammered Spring Break skanks who thought they were getting the best Agave Tequila Mexico had to offer.
by Parody Project January 26, 2011
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A state of drunkness in which people start thinking they are gangsta/police/military/. They sometimes even take a real weapon and start waving around with it.Happens to a lot of people on college.
person1:Oh my god, do these people have knives?
person2: Relax, It's obviously a Tequilla Guerilla, see how they are twisting their legs?

person1: I've been smoking weed last night. It's illegal so when some people said they are police I shit my pants!
person2: What did you do?
person1: Luckilly it was a Tequilla Guerilla...
by Pseudonimous March 17, 2011
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the act of getting angry at Your parents signifigant other drinking over half of their tequilla and pissing in the bottle to refill it and then watching them drink it.
"Dude, my moms boyfriend drank all the Tequilla and it pissed me off, so I Tequilla Dicked the bottle, sat back and watched as he drank it
by ginrummy1 November 21, 2011
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