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A mass gathering of crazyfists.
Holy shit Tim, look at all those crazyfists. That shit is way too hardcore for me. I mean, I can handle one or two, maybe even 4 on occasion, but 36 crazyfists? Fuck that.
by Ace March 12, 2005
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Anyone from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia.
UCLA's full of chuptas.
by Ace March 10, 2004
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You know how most women in tennis have wicked bodies and ugly ass faces? Well, tennis face is a term used to describe a chick with a fine ass body, and the face of a man.
"From the back that girl looks fine, but she's really quite the tennis face."
by Ace January 7, 2004
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"duuuudddeee that girl has some sweeet chimmy chongas..."
by Ace September 6, 2004
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another word for prick

(kind of like biznitch and shiznit)
fucking priznick
by Ace February 4, 2004
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You walk into a room and find yourself walking towards the stage when the lights turn on and you find that the room is full of gay men. Your responce would be JEABUS
by Ace November 23, 2004
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A game invented by the writers of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and is often played on Loveline by Adam Carolla. What happens is a story involving bizarre human behavior is read, at which point the hosts attempt to decide if the story was from Germany or Florida, which are the capitals of all that is disturbed and evil in the world.
"Last night on loveline, they played a GOF about a guy who ate his dog. Turns out, he was from Florida. Man, there are some f***ed up people there."
by Ace December 9, 2003
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